Frequently Asked Questions

aka, the "FAQs"

Frequently Asked Questions

aka, the "FAQs"

The health and safety of all #OceanHeroes, and adult allies, is our primary concern at Ocean Heroes HQ. That is why, given the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, we have decided to reimagine this year’s Bootcamp as a virtual experience. The event scheduled for June 26-29 in Vancouver is cancelled, but we will be announcing an exciting reimagined version for everyone to join.


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Q: What is Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

The Ocean Heroes HQ empowers existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. The campaigns created by Ocean Heroes support the achievement UN SDG 14.1 by 2025.

At Bootcamp, Ocean Heroes are taken through the nine key pillars of programming to help them be successful campaigners, including: science education, global plastics policies, critical campaigning tools, “artivism”, media literacy, idea incubation & entrepreneurship, articulating impact, peer-to-peer leadership, and effectively communicating with corporations.

Q: Are there age restrictions on who can attend Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

Yes, there are age restrictions for who can attend! To attend Ocean Heroes Bootcamp you must be between the ages of 11 – 18 at the time Bootcamp begins on Friday, June 26 2020.

Q: What is the goal of Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

The goal of Ocean Heroes Bootcamp is to bring together youth from around the world who are passionate about clean seas and a healthy ocean, and provide them with the knowledge, skills, network, and resources to become effective advocates and champions for the ocean in their own communities. The work starts when Bootcamp ends as Ocean Heroes are challenged to take what they have learned home and develop a campaign to create meaningful change that helps our ocean. As part of the Ocean Heroes Network, they’ll receive mentorship and have the opportunity to earn access to new opportunities as they implement their campaigns.

Q: Where will the 2020 Bootcamp take place?

The 2020 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp will take place in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the campus of the University of British Columbia. Note that Vancouver is in Canada – if you are not a resident of Canada, you will be required to have a valid passport and in some cases a travel visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter the country. 

Q: How does the application process work for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

If you are a youth between the ages of 11-18 and you’re passionate about working on behalf of the health of the ocean, we encourage you to apply for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp! The application form can be found <here>. Once you complete and submit your application through the application system (EventSquid – funny name, I know!), the Ocean Heroes HQ team will review your application and get back to you within a few weeks. Applications are scored based on how passionate you seem about the issues and how determined you seem to make a difference; or if you are returning, how much you have done to help the ocean since you last attended. If your application is accepted, you will be sent an invitation to register. Parents are required to register youth ages 18 and under. Once you have registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email. HOLD ONTO THIS EMAIL so you can log back into your account to update travel plans, see updated event itineraries, etc.

Q: How many youth are expected to attend Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

This is an exclusive event that only invites 300 youth from around the world to participate.

Q: Is there a cost to register for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

Yes, there is a $90 USD registration fee for Ocean Heroes, which covers room and board for three days and nights and all programming. This fee is due at the time of registration and can be paid through the registration system. There is no fee for adults to register. Ocean Heroes are also responsible for their own travel to and from Vancouver, British Columbia (limited partial travel scholarships are available).

Q: I have attended Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in the past. Is there anything new planned for this year?

Yes, we are expanding the programming partners and program to include new information, new presenters, and new opportunities to learn and share. We are also developing new learning tracks for returning heroes and opportunities for you to share your experiences and lessons with your fellow Ocean Heroes.

Q: Is transportation to Ocean Heroes Bootcamp provided?

Ocean Heroes are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Vancouver, BC. Ground transportation during the event will be provided. There will also be shuttles running between the UBC campus and the airport for arrivals (on June 26th) and departures (on June 29th). You are responsible for reporting any changes to your travel plans.

Q: What if my family can’t cover the full cost of travel to Vancouver to attend? Are there scholarship funds available to help me?

There are a limited number of partial travel scholarships available to help youth travel to Ocean Heroes Bootcamp. When you apply, you will have the opportunity to indicate if you want to be considered for a scholarship. We will send you a link to a form to gather a little more information to make the determination about whether we can provide a scholarship and for how much. Most scholarships will cover less than half of the cost of roundtrip airfare for one person to travel. Priority will be given to first-time applicants traveling internationally.  Learn more about travel scholarships here.

Q: Can parents also receive travel scholarships?

No, only Ocean Heroes can apply for scholarships, though parents can receive at $250 travel stipend if they agree to serve as a dorm chaperone and successfully pass a background check. IN order to apply as a dorm chaperone, please submit an Adult Registration form. There is no fee for adults to register.

Q: Do I need a passport and visa to come to Vancouver, British Columbia?

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you will be required to present a valid passport to enter into Canada. Depending on what nation you are traveling from, you may also need a travel visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Getting a passport and/ or a visa can be a lengthy process, so we encourage you to get started as early as possible if you need to make these arrangements. You can learn about the requirements for your particular nationality here. Please email us at [email protected] if you have questions.

Q: Are parents or a guardian required to travel with the Ocean Hero?

If youth are traveling internationally, it is up to the rules of the airline in terms of the minimum age that youth can fly alone without a guardian. In general, most airlines require an adult to accompany a child through their thirteenth year, or until they turn 14 years of age. So check with the airline you will be using and if your child is old enough to travel alone, they are not required to travel with a parent or guardian. Youth traveling locally are also not required to have a parent or chaperone.

Q: Can someone help me make my travel arrangements?

Yes, Ocean Heroes Bootcamp is working with a Vancouver based travel agency called Stage and Screen Travel to help book flight(s) into and back out of Vancouver. If you complete this survey, Stage and Screen Travel will work with you directly to make those arrangements and secure payment. There is a $30CAD fee to use Stage & Screen’s services. If you receive a travel scholarship, they can apply that scholarship to the purchase of your flight and the service fee, but the Ocean Hero is responsible for paying the difference at the time of booking.

Q: If the Ocean Hero is traveling alone without a chaperone, will they be supervised once they arrive?

Yes. There will be volunteer dorm chaperones (who have passed a background check) who are assigned to groups of Ocean Heroes during non-programmed hours and overnight at the dormitories; as well as Squad Leaders (peers aged 17+) who are assigned to groups during the day.

Q: What do I do with my travel information once I have made my plans?

All travel itinerary information should be uploaded to your account page in the EventSquid registration platform no later than May 1, 2020. You can access your account through the confirmation email you received from EventSquid.

Q: What if I want to arrive in Vancouver earlier than Bootcamp or stay later?

You are welcome to arrive in Vancouver prior to June 26th or to stay beyond the 29th, but you will be responsible for your own transportation (including from and to the airport), meals, and accommodations.

Q: Are Ocean Heroes required to stay in the UBC dormitories?

No, but it’s HIGHLY recommended. Ocean Heroes will be assigned a dorm room and a dorm floor chaperone for the full duration of the event. If they are assigned to a double room, they will also be assigned a roommate. So if they elect to stay in the dorms, they are expected to stay in the dorms for the full duration of the event. Local youth are also encouraged to stay in the dorms, though they can commute if that’s preferable. Ocean Heroes who are accompanied by a parent or guardian and who opt NOT to stay in the dorms are responsible for their own lodging accommodations and all transportation to and from Bootcamp activities.

Q: How are dormitory assignments made?

Dormitories are organized by gender by floor. The Ocean Heroes HQ team will do our best to assign roommates according to age. Ocean Heroes also have the opportunity to request roommates in the registration process, though requests must be mutual (both Ocean Heroes must request each other). There are more single rooms than double rooms, but we will do our absolute best to accommodate those requests. Chaperones will be assigned by floor and they will conduct check-ins each morning and each evening to ensure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Q: Who serves as a dorm chaperone?

Parents and guardians, as well as group leaders of youth (i.e. teachers, advisors) who have passed a background check serve as the adult chaperones in the dormitories. If you are interested in serving as a chaperone, please register as an Adult Participant <here>. Applicants are required to pass a background check before they are authorized to serve as a chaperone. Room & board is provided for chaperones, as well as a modest travel stipend.

Q: Can parents and guardians participate in Ocean Heroes Bootcamp (OHBC)?

Parents and guardians are not invited to participate in the youth programming tracks. However, there is a separate OH Parent/Guardian Track for parents and guardians. If this is your child’s first time at Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, we highly recommend that you attend. Note: You must register to participate in the Parent Track programming <here>. There is no fee for participating as a parent or guardian. If you’d prefer not to participate in the OH Parent/Guardian Track, you are welcome to drop your youth participants off at check-in on Friday, June 26th and pick them back up at noon on Monday, June 29th.

Q: Are there accommodations available for parents or families on the UBC campus?

Yes, we have reserved a limited number of suites in the Walter Gage building on the UBC campus for parents and families of Ocean Heroes. These rooms are suite style accommodations that can accommodate a small family, and are available for $169 CAD per night. Reservations for these rooms should be made directly through the UBC reservation system here. Please note that you are responsible for your own transportation arrangements.

Q: What if I register for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp but then can’t attend?

Bummer! If you have registered for OHBC and then find you aren’t unable to attend, please notify us as quickly as possible at [email protected] so we can invite other young people to fill your spot. If you let us know at least four weeks prior to OHBC, we can offer you a 50% refund of your $90 registration fee ($45 USD). Cancellations after the three week window will not receive a refund, but it’s important to let us know if you are not going to be attending. Please NOTE: OHHQ is not responsible for reimbursing any travel costs lost by cancellation; and will endeavor to collect or recoup any scholarship fees paid.

Q: Will food be provided at Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

Yes! Accepted Ocean Heroes will enjoy food & beverage refreshments throughout the duration of the Bootcamp, all included in the registration cost. Dietary Restrictions will be accommodated for those who communicate their needs as requested in the registration form. Meals are not provided for parents & guardians.

Q: What should I wear to Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

Whatever makes you feel like an Ocean Hero! It’s important that you’re comfortable so please wear clothes that reflect your leadership. We suggest wearing what you’d wear on a school field trip. The program will be hosted both indoors and outdoors so be sure to check the weather in the days leading up to Ocean Heroes Bootcamp to ensure you’re dressed comfortably. You will need one pair of closed toed shoes.

Q: How can I learn about new speaker and session announcements?

Stay tuned to @oceanheroeshq across all social media for updates. You will also receive updates once you have registered for the event.

Q: I have a question that's not answered here. How can I get in touch?

Send us an email at [email protected]




Ocean Heroes Bootcamp empowers existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. The campaigns created by Ocean Heroes support the achievement UN SDG 14.1 by 2025 and strengthen the global Clean Seas campaign goal to turn the tide on plastic.


Ocean Heroes Bootcamp empowers existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. The campaigns created by Ocean Heroes support the achievement UN SDG 14.1 by 2025 and strengthen the global Clean Seas campaign goal to turn the tide on plastic.


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